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Monday, May 30, 2005

another great library record!  Posted by Hello

African Brothers Band (Ghana) Live lp Agatha Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

supporting wrir @ tha fun raiser provided by the bizzare market at Chop Suey books on Cary street - that was just before we got "0n the AIR" -- which was the beginning of it all (thats the bad brains on my t shirt) listen to my show! Sundays from 7-9pm EST on

this is an old a*S tree Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

last week's show was a blast! too bad the tape recorder wasnt working! sundays 7-9pm est

May 15th If Music Could Talk (every week!! listen online! 7-9pm EST

Madagasgar--Secret Museum Series- Shanachie- Raiva O
Maurice patton and the melodians- S'pore- "au go go" track #1
Maurice patton and the melodians -S'pore- please come back
Wiwiek Abidin-S'pore Kala Kusendiri
Junainah -S'pore - Berepakah Hantaran
Rita Chao-S'pore - As Tears Go By
The Stylers- Medley-- non stop dancing
Yim Chu Ling- My Lost Dream
Oscar Orchestra -Star Wars
The Wild Cats- American Saint
The Four Tracks- Stayin Live
The Fantastics- Disco Lady
David Packer- theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Four Tracks- Rivers of Babylon
Fantastics- Livin in the Past
Fantastics- Low Rider
We- Sealed with a kiss
The Wynners- Fooling Around (sung in Chinese)
Jade- Thats the way I like it
Jade - Without Love
Jade- Black is Black
Hala Hala- (Maurice Patton?) Ticket to Ride
Ming- Reasons Why
cant read name of this singer sorry! - ??? - from a HK film soundtrack from 1960's
Ming- Missing You

modern HK music-- >

Faye Wong (Wong Fei)- "Only Love Strangers" album track 5
Faye Wong (Wong Fei)- Di Dar Remix
+3 more faye wong tracks ( I'll play more from her next week )

Sunday, May 15, 2005

"Non Stop Dancing" the STYLERS Posted by Hello

the stylers- surf rock au go go Posted by Hello

60's Hong Kong Au Go Go Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005

promotional shopping bag (ebay) teresa teng - hk star singer from the 60's Posted by Hello

awesome album cover- group from singapore Posted by Hello

singer from netherlands.. band from hk Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

super dancing hits from HK Posted by Hello

more disco this one's japanese Posted by Hello

a cool album by a 70's disco group- from Hong Kong.... whoa, check those boots!  Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005

like i said.. "matching interior" ' 57 Chevy ~ slick... what kind of steerin wheel is that?!  Posted by Hello

turquoise car. 5th street in front of a diner, behind a row of suhweeet antiques! omg, i sprinted to my house to retrieve my camera and did a 180 for these pictures.. spring evening light on freshly waxed paintjobs... this one had matching interior... turquoise ... so fifties--- so "futuristic" Posted by Hello

Botanical gardens- Singapore Posted by Hello

Arthur M Greenhall narrates "Sounds Of Animals" - (Side A) [FX 6124] on Folkways records.. 1950's? animals sound like they are being taunted to induce the "sounds" - (roars, screams, howls- introduced by phrases like: "notice how this tigress reacts when we take her food away" ) Arthur Greenhall sounds like he's an uptight New Yorker... Posted by Hello

this is red vinyl, native hawaiian music, the other side, Thurston Knudson's "the Rhythm of Tropic Drums.... really silly and also funky and fun.. this was a white guy imitating the "native sound" circa 1950s  Posted by Hello

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