Tuesday, May 17, 2005

last week's show was a blast! too bad the tape recorder wasnt working! www.wrir.org sundays 7-9pm est

May 15th If Music Could Talk (every week!! listen online! www.wrir.org 7-9pm EST

Madagasgar--Secret Museum Series- Shanachie- Raiva O
Maurice patton and the melodians- S'pore- "au go go" track #1
Maurice patton and the melodians -S'pore- please come back
Wiwiek Abidin-S'pore Kala Kusendiri
Junainah -S'pore - Berepakah Hantaran
Rita Chao-S'pore - As Tears Go By
The Stylers- Medley-- non stop dancing
Yim Chu Ling- My Lost Dream
Oscar Orchestra -Star Wars
The Wild Cats- American Saint
The Four Tracks- Stayin Live
The Fantastics- Disco Lady
David Packer- theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Four Tracks- Rivers of Babylon
Fantastics- Livin in the Past
Fantastics- Low Rider
We- Sealed with a kiss
The Wynners- Fooling Around (sung in Chinese)
Jade- Thats the way I like it
Jade - Without Love
Jade- Black is Black
Hala Hala- (Maurice Patton?) Ticket to Ride
Ming- Reasons Why
cant read name of this singer sorry! - ??? - from a HK film soundtrack from 1960's
Ming- Missing You

modern HK music-- >

Faye Wong (Wong Fei)- "Only Love Strangers" album track 5
Faye Wong (Wong Fei)- Di Dar Remix
+3 more faye wong tracks ( I'll play more from her next week )

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