Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video footage and interviews from "Chinese Underground Invasion" show at the Triple in Richmond

I did these interviews for my radio show on WRIR , but i decided to post the video here also because they're such cool clips.. truth be told, i was a pretty bad interviewer because i knew very little about these groups before i showed up that night, i decided to do the interviews at the last minute on a whim, and hadnt done the research i wish i had done to ask them more interesting questions... but they were nice enough to humor me with answers to my incredibly superficial ones. oh, theres one more on the way from Shou Wang of Carsick Cars too.. maybe next week. Thanks again to all the artists here for taking the time out to talk to me.

PK 14

CarSick Cars

Xiao He

Monday, November 23, 2009

If Music Could Talk - Nov 22, 2009


Magritte museum opens in Brussels


when i was 3 or 4 years old there was this book of paintings by magritte that i used to love to look at.. i flipped through the pages so excitedly that i almost ripped one of the pages once.. the one with the big green apple on it.. i liked the one with the train coming out of the fireplace too... and the naked lady on the beach with fins.. and the flying business men.. no wonder i grew up a little strange..

ice caps ... melting ...


Cool illustration blog

Lots of great pop art , illustration, design, and cartoon imagery here..


above - artist/cartoonist Alberto Mieglo

Sunday, November 22, 2009

If Music Could Talk - Nov 15, 2009 - old school Chinese POP (last week's show - PART 1)

If Music Could Talk - Nov 15 09 - Chinese Underground vs Chinese pop

- starting out with some old school chinese go-go surf rock, then some disco, then some 80s new wave sounds (PART 1)


( continues w/ Part 2)

If Music Could Talk - Nov 15, 2009 - Chinese Punk (Last Week's show PART 2) Bands from Beijing in Richmond

If Music Could Talk - Nov 15 09 - Chinese Underground vs Chinese pop

an hour set featuring music and interviews with punk/indie bands from Beijing - PK 14, Carsick Cars, and Xiao He after their show here in Richmond (at the Triple) last Thursday (PART 2)


Cool Blog about Classic Chinese Cinema

Soft Film: Vintage Chinese Cinema

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Dick Dale's Miserlou adapted for Bollywood film soundtrack : Kaminey - song "Dhan te nan" - and other popular songs riffing off this famous riff

i recognized it pretty quickly, maybe the second time i heard this hit song
Dhan te nan
but according to this cool and informative blog post echoes can also be heard in the Bollywood title cut for last year's CASH - and also, note for note in the Black Eyed Peas' "Pump it"

thanks to Anirudh for his explanation of the origins of this song... READ HIS ARTICLE HERE

also see comments for discussion of my recently alleged adaptations of this song