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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ninja Tune videos for some New Years inspiration

(you'll need Quicktime for these links)

Pick Up- Bonobo

All That You Are- Cinematic Orchestra featuring Fontella Bass

Witness the Fitness - Roots manuva

Bluebird-- by One Self

Sweetsmoke- Mr Scruff

Diplo Rhythm - Diplo

and also we're having a house party on New Years =O

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

happy holladays- Last week's show featuring *60's & 70's Chinese Go Go Dance music*

Podcast link (and a betta edit from last week's grime show)

Monday, December 19, 2005


Friday, December 16, 2005

This Sunday on If Music Could Talk- British HipHop/Grime/what u call it?

Here's this past Sunday's show Podcast LINK--new hip hop/grime selections straight outta London...

>>watch Dizzee Rascal's new video, Dream, here! insane!!

also, here's an incredible site from BERLIN with tons of downloadable mp3 sets (some live sessions too) photos, and more awesome videos yo! here the podcasts and site are run by Sasha of Jahcoozi-(awesome group!)
thanks Sasha
BIG UP UK/Berlin worldwide grime crew

a lot of "grime" artists first appeared on so called "pirate" radio stations where they could defy categorization and commercial constraints (check Wiley's track "What d'you call it" which i played on my show on WRIR this past Sunday (link above) for more comment on that subject)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Last Week's Show- Podcast -12-11-05

Special guest: local actress, poet, model Precious Leontyne Turner reads some of her poetry (what a VOICE!) and selects some of her favorite classic jazz cuts. LISTEN HERE

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ms subbulakshmi Posted by Hello

Talat Mahmood

the picture above is borrowed from this site link which is dedicated to Talat Mahmood, who was a legendary singer, actor and icon of style and charisma in Indian popular music and film during the classic bollywood era.. check out this site!! the pictures are INCREDIBLE!!

Pangaea Lounge Dec 8 Podcast

also, please mark your 2006 Calendar for Pangaea Lounge - the second thursday of each month at Cafe Gutenberg (corner of 17th and Main Street) Richmond Va

Monday, December 12, 2005

Phoolan Devi- the Real Bandit Queen

last week, guest dj Adam Nathanson was telling me about a movie that was released in 1994 based on Phoolan Devi's life (Bandit Queen.) I have yet to see this film, but apparently, when Phoolan Devi saw it, she angrily objected being portrayed as a victim and threatened to set herself on fire outside the theatre if the screenings continued.. plus, the ridiculous fact that they never even interviewed her when the script was being written. Anyway, with all that aside, her story is pretty incredible (there are several books in french and english about her, including an auto-biography) Here's a fairly objective bio of this legendary woman from a website that compiles famous obituaries (a strange concept for a webpage but very interesting) This woman, from a "lower caste", stood up against the men who dared to do wrong to her, and was eventually elected to a seat in Indian Parliament where she vowed to fight for women's rights. She was tragically assasinated in 2001 by a man who sought revenge against her for killing a family member and dishonoring his caste. "While she was undoubtedly an outlaw who brought misery and mayhem and death to those she assailed, Phoolan Devi also embodied the resentments of the lower castes and women." (taken from link)

Friday, December 09, 2005

view from the dj table

celebrating life at Tonic last night at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in honor of local actress/model/poet Precious Leontyne Turner Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

last Sunday's show

Listen Here

special guest: Adam Nathanson
also special appearance by Precious Leontyne Turner to tell everyone about her Mad Hatter's Tea Party this Wed 12/7 (6pm) at Tonic in Shockoe Bottom - it's "a celebration of life" --plus Ill be djing! come check it out and dont forget to wear your favorite hat!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sir Victor Uwaifo

Sir Victor Uwaifo (b. 1941) aka "Guitar Boy", former amateur wrestler, and Nigerian Afro-Funk pioneer from Edo Nigeria...he also served briefly as Commissioner of the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Edo. Here's a link to a short biography. I'll be playing songs from his LP "Roots" (from the late 70's- early 80s) and some more tracks from the lp "5 days a week love" on WRIR this Sunday (Dec 4 2005)

ALSO! SPECIAL GUEST THIS WEEK- back by popular demand- Adam Nathanson returns for another flavaful dj session!

NBO75 guest dj on IMCT - plus last week's podcast links

last sunday on If music could talk guest dj set by Edinburgh based artist Zucotic
Sunday 7-9pm EST (listen online) or 97.3 FM (on your radio)

podcasts of the past two week's shows just added


ALSO last week-- did a surprise subbing for the MingFromMongo show- listen to an improv mix with help from guest Dj Toma from Chicago

AND HERE'S the previous week's show- Música Brasileira

The radio4all website gets jammed up sometimes and wont load so be patient

DJ Toma made this artistic flyer for the show we co-hosted last week

Thanks Dj Toma!

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