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Sunday, July 02, 2023

If Music Could Talk - July 2 2023 - vinyl, and some new stuff .. it's a full moon, and the 4th of July soon


Thursday, June 29, 2023

If Music Could Talk - Podcast from June 25 2023 - Japanese 78rpm records (part 1) - and lots more

 Here's a recent show that aired last week on WRIR.  




You can find many others from over the past three or four years on  here:


For some reason, my recent radio shows haven't been publishing to iTunes.  Hopefully this one will. 


I purchased a stack of 78rpm records from Japan from the 1940s that a friend here in Richmond was given by his mother who found them in a basement of a house in Tappahannock Virginia.   We're really not sure how they ended up there, but it is amazing to be able to play them on the radio now in 2023.  


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

If Music Could Talk - July 2 2017


If Music Could Talk - July 16 2017


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

If Music Could Talk - July 9 2017

PODCAST from July 9 2017

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Music as Atmosphere in Fashion Shows - a study for the Teen Stylin' program at VMFA

I'm honored to be djing, and providing some guidance on the topic of "Music As Atmosphere" for the designers and models of the 2017 Teen Stylin' fashion program again this year at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

This is such an exciting event, and I love to hear the songs that these designers choose to create their own unique atmosphere during the show.

If you're participating as a designer this year, and you're reading this blog post as part of the "Music As Atmosphere" exercise, I really hope you'll check out some of the links below.

Then, think about the songs in YOUR music collection that might work for your model as they show off the awesome garment you've designed.  

As I have done in past years, I am posting a few links below to provide examples of how music has been used as "atmosphere" in some of the more "high profile" runway shows over the past year.

It's not that the smaller, lesser known designers' shows don't deserve attention and admiration too, but they'll give you an idea of how music is used in some of the bigger ones. 

Fashion shows in general, whether large, or small, have always been creative havens for artists of all types, including musicians making different, exciting new sounds.

It's really up to you to choose a song that provides the right vibe, and attitude for your model to walk to.  As you can hear from these videos, there's incredible variety in the music that is played..  club, trap, techno, classical, folk, country, rock, metal, hip hop, soul, ambient, trance, opera, kpop, bollywood ... whatever YOU think will set the right mood.

Also, from Spotify, here are a couple of semi-official playlists from FASHION WEEK 2015

Here are a few articles from Vogue describing the music selections from the past year's fashion shows:

and here's a fashion forum where people discuss their favorite selections from the past year

Sunday, February 05, 2017

If Music Could Talk - Feb 5 2017 - Setlist

Outkast - Happy Valentines Day
WAR (John Morales Remix) - Slippin Into Darkness
Munchi - Sandungueo
Toy Selectah - Sonidero Compay
Doctor Stereo - La Cumbia Perdida
King Tubby - King Stereo Gav Dub
Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up Live In Dortmund, Germany
Sin Sissamouth - Seem LIke I know You Face
Ros Serey Sothear - Since When You Knew
Otis Redding - She's Alright
Dilla - 367
Bonobo - Break Aparty Feat Rhye
HR - I Love King Jah
HR - Viva Azania
Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow
Joy Division  - Transmission (The 1980 Martin Hannett Version)
PJ Harvey - You Come Through
Dilla - 764 / and 865
Janelle Monae - Isnt This The World - Hidden Figures
Janelle Monae - Jalapeno - Hidden Figures
Kim Burell - I See A Victory  - Hidden Figures
Mary J Blige - It's Been Hard
Nikki Giovanni - It Is Well
Nina Simone - Central Park Blues
Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue
Nina Simone - See Line Remix by Masters At Work
2 tracks from  Philip Tabane And Malombo ‎– Unh!
Fela - 05 Mr Grammarticologylisationalism - The Underground Spiritual Game
Esperanza Spalding - Unconditional Love  
Radiohead - 2+2=5

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

If Music Could Talk - Nov 27 2016


If Music Could Talk - Dec 11 2016


Monday, August 22, 2016

If Music Could Talk - Aug 14 2016


If Music Could Talk - Aug 7 2016


If Music Could Talk - July 24, 2016


If Music Could Talk - July 17 2016


If Music Could Talk - July 10 2016


If Music Could Talk - July 3 2016


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