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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some new(-ish) Bollywood Songs -and im now finally seeing the videos

Of all of these clips, ive only seen the complete film of "Dev D" - and that was a great film... looking forward to seeing the rest of them... also, i dont know if the Lehmber / Pooja Duet is from an actual movie -probably not... i think its just a cool video

and hey, .has anyone noticed how rough and raw some of these new films are? i swear, kids these days.... lol

( PS: please leave me a comment if any of these clips disappear from youtube and the link goes dead.. happens alot unfortunately.. )

Hadippa The Remix" - DIL BOLE HADIPPA

Kaminey - Dhan Te Nan .. the song with those lyrics that everyone is arguing about.. ; )

Love Mera Hit Actual Song in High Definition (Shah Rukh Khan & Deepika Padukone)

Lehmber Hussainpuri ft Miss Pooja- Mera Mahi Tu Pateya

Dev D - O Pardesi

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye (2008)


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