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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shahrukh Khan's many commercial endorsements...

I love seeing bollywood stars in advertisements ... it's a tradition that goes back as far as the "bollywood" film industry itself.... i'll probably upload some classic 70s endorsements later on (Zeenat, Rekha, Amitabh, etc) and there are lots from the 60s that i'm still collecting in a folder... it's just an interesting sideline from the films themselves... the stars faces pop up everywhere - (much as our stars do here, busses, billboards, soft drinks, etc) its just sort of curious to see how many different companies want Shahrukh Khan to be the face of their product... He's doing endorsements for watches, cell phones, soap, pens, printer cartridges, pepsi (campaign called Pepsi Youngistaan) , pomade, hair tonic, you name it...

I could probably do another whole posting for Aishwarya... And then there's Priyanka (also endorsing Tag Heuer watches above) , Bipasha, John Abraham, and Actress Deepika Padukone (also part of the Pepsi Youngistaan campaign)

here's a lovely wallpaper of the stunningly gorgeous Deepika Padukone (who co-starred with SRK in O.S.O.):


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