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Friday, January 09, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE - What an incredible movie... last week i said during the show just before i played 3 cuts off the soundtrack.. "i havent seen it yet, but i want to.." well, just like that.. the next day i was driving to work and a local theatre had just started playing this film.. so i saw the 4pm showing the very next day! what a coincidence.. funny, this film is all about life's magical coincidences.. DESTINY.. such a deep movie.. so heart wrenching and beautiful.. the day i saw it was really cold, dark, and rainy, so when i left the theatre to go back home afterwards, i had to sit in my car and cry for about 10 minutes... something about this particular story.. and the heartbreaking stories of these slum kids.. the betrayal, and merciless exploitation.. and then, the triumph of true love... it just really got to me.. its great when a movie is so powerful that it makes you open up and reflect on life in a broad sense.. this movie did that... i felt such anger and disgust at the way poor children are expolited all over the world.. used for criminal labor, or forced to be sex workers... parts of this movie brought me close to nausea.. and then, there were other scenes that were just so true, and poetic.. and subtle, and real... destiny, and true love really do prevail, or at least, i hope they do..
According to the director, this story could have happened anywhere.. so it's "not about India" really specifically.. but I was really glad to see a film that shows another side of India, at least through different eyes than the Bollywood Glitz i'm normally exposed to..(and enjoy so much) the more varied perspective i get, the more i realize, i really just need to go to India and see for myself..
anyway, seems like this movie is flying pretty low under the radar as far as i can tell.. which makes me feel even more lucky to have stumbled upon it the very next day after i played the soundtrack (A.R. Rahman's latest masterpiece) on my radio show... these little coincidences in life are so amazing.. Watch the TRAILER, HERE


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