Monday, December 15, 2008

Smita Patil remembered

December 13th marks the date (22 years ago) when Smita Patil passed away, tragically at such a young age (31)

click here to read Amitabh's recollection of Smita Patil and also how he reacted to seeing Smita's son, Prateek Smit Babaar , acting in the recent film Jaane tu ya Jaane Na.

another link also here

Here is a song which features her and Naseerudin Shah - Karoge Yaad To - a bittersweet poem

Trailer for Mirch Masala - one of Smita's most heroic performances


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Sara said...

So nice to run into your blog on the world wide web - amazing time on Saturday night, thank you for the wonderful sounds!! :)