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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

PODCAST - December 6 2008 If Music Could Talk

Last week - December 6th, i played a really groovy and soulful reggae set to start out the show. and then eased into the ecclectica for hour 2..some mysterious and melancholy vibes.. and then a transition back into the warmth - with a set of music from brazil (although even this portion starts out with some spooky sounding psych from violeta de outono) then we finish out the evening with a set of arabic (lebanese) music (eid mubarak!!) featuring selections culled from several records brought back - especially for my show - by the sister of a good friend of mine.. a wide range of tempos to keep you motivated and alert... and definitely another good set of music for a cold windy winter evening...or whenever you might end up listening to this after the fact... enjoy the sounds

PODCAST LINK - If music Could Talk - Dec 6, 2008


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