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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If Music Could Talk - Jan 11 2009 - full moon fever and reggae rockas


this past sunday, I was feeling really inspired by a documentary i watched over the weekend.. Reggae Nashville, originally entitled "Deep Roots Music", narrated by the late great Mikey Dread, dread at the controls,... so i decided to play lots of reggae during this show.. there are so many incredible reggae recordings out there that i havent even heard yet.. an island just full of talented singers and djs.. big respect to jamaica! and much love and respect to the late legend, Mikey Dread.. (during this podcast, you can hear a radio drop from him that was done especially for this show a year before he passed away)

also, the show starts out with another quirky soulful full moon mix of jazz, electronic breaks, african rhythms, soul, and blues...

music speaks...

(from the documentary i mentioned ) --- :>


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