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Monday, December 04, 2006

Bollywood, DooWop (and early rock and roll) If Music Could Talk - Podcast


honestly, i dont think this show was really planned out very well, many of the selections didn't blend as well as i had hoped -- (except for that last bollywood track into the acapella doo wop song by the persuasions on Pt 2)-- Also, this show was probably one of the strangest mixes of musical genres i could have come up with at the spur of the moment. But try to believe me, there ARE some similarities between the two styles! ( vocalists with unmistakeable style and personality trading verses back and forth and harmonizing, blaring horn sections, loud drum breaks, swingin rhythms, twangy guitars..) The songs themselves are true classics... the show definitely has it's moments. Please note: i announced some of the tracks wrong again this week by accident (they've been corrected on the setlist- and im gonna try to spend more time getting this information organized ahead of time from now on) hope you enjoy the podcast.


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