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Thursday, July 06, 2006

spinning the web

the previous post ("the media worships violence") seems now to me, after discussing with friends about this particular media phenomenon of showing a "fresh kill with a bloody nose" all over the news.. to me, its just part of my frustration against the cluttered and tasteless news delivery styles of the media -- specifically on the internet, things are in such a jumble... you hear about a tsunami, flood, or horrible massacre, and then they're telling you about the SUPER BOWL in the next link... this format is disorienting... and so "A.D.D." -- which is another myth invented to sell more drugs... but ok, so maybe the army used Zarqawi as an example to all the thugs planning acts of violence against the US? .... are they trying to say that they really can fight that "clean" war they boasted about at the start? after all the mistakes and recent f-ups? whatever you believe... i still think the news is tabloid... and its based more on ratings than anything else... they pick the most glamorous and terrifying things to make the headlines-- but this sort of media draws our attention in a million different directions... ("shock and awe" haha ) and we get so diffused and cluttered that we dont know whats really happening anymore... so all im saying is.. if you dont make an active effort to filter this mess--- whatever "filter" you are using--- then you wont ever take action or speak out about'll just keep browsing, surfing, changing channels, confused and complacent, wondering when the next version of X box is coming out...


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