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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the media worships violence (and stupidity)

those people at MSN really know how to fill a page... it's organized in a way that puts Paris Hilton right up there with Global warming on the news priorities list... anyway, im being sarcastic below--- but its basically the underlying message i get from alot of this crap
today's horror scope: [+] floods, massacres, bombings, and executions!
shop aholic? dont worry, theyre building a new wal mart on your favorite undeveloped patch of dirt! goodbye native wildflowers, hello plastic and pavement!!
is your boyfriend a cheater?
(how about your president? or boss? or local city council representative? )
job interview tips- forget your dreams... COMPROMISE and settle for less!! or...
join the army! or should you just wait for them to start the draft again?
* global warming blah blah who cares ? silly hippy!! the oil companies dont!
what about hemp for fuel? hey, who needs those mountains in appalachia anyway!?! hooray for coal mines and erosion!!hooray for oil and all the blood that's shed over it. hooray for corporate favoritism! rah rah rah!
and cant forget those new "smilie face" ads all over the internet that blare " you make me blush" , "say something!!" or..." bite me! " through your computer speakers...turn that OFF please!! is this a new form of mass torture?! well, it hurts! oh, and heres some other "news" - recent killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. "We" love revenge dont "we"? or is this "proof" that our mission is sane and our armed forces are "competent" after the recent war crimes they have committed?

pasting pictures of dead men all over the news... a shameless war this is.. and the media just loves it... its better than american idol even!


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