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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Black Metal culture has been declared as a deviation from Islamic teachings..."

"...and those found "practising it" could be penalised under syariah law " (see link from Malaysian newspaper, The Star)

(the picture below is JITU, an early 90's Malaysian "hair" "thrash" "power ballad" metal band- these earlier bands (pre- "black metal") were also widely banned/or censored by local radio stations in the 90's when bands began to get "heavy" in Malaysia )

Apparently, at an "official" meeting, the meaning of "Black" Metal was discussed (?) the resulting decision will make it illegal to participate in "Black Metal culture"
*thanks to Tiara for the links and update!! Check CIJ homepage for other opinions (some in Malay) about the whole Black Metal uproar.

additional note: i have not previously made any personal "judgements" on the situation here, since the Malaysian government has done that already... I am just pointing out what is happening, and what has happened... everything I have written in this blog is second hand and not my own opinion. One reader, Syaza, commented to me via email- (read on boingboing) I wasnt there so I shouldn't judge. But the Malaysian government officials and police are the ones making the broad assumptions and judgements here! They're angry because they see "heavy metal" as a threat to traditional values. But the Malaysian metal fans/youth are equally angry because they are getting hassled for showing up at a heavy metal concert and wearing black T shirts, and accused of such wild far fetched things as drinking blood and peeing on the Koran - which might have happened maybe ONCE.(previous post) Heavy metal music is being cast as the culprit here-- one stupid person decided to pee on a holy book, which is then used to condemn a music scene that expresses the frustrations of the youth through music! not urine! ) This is no different than the witch trials that were taking place here in the US in the 1980s over "satanism" in heavy metal.


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