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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Special Guest - Carlos Pozzi - on "If Music Could Talk" (archived from May 2005)

***archived show (from May 2005)***-- "Guitar Teacher Carlos Pozzi has taught many people, young and old, to play the guitar. He gave me a new perspective on music in general at an early age- specifically, he taught me to use my ears.
He is the author of his own method of teaching guitar (Mr. Pozzi studied under Maestro Abel Carlevaro  who passed away in 2001.) Mr. Carlos Pozzi has developed and will soon publish his own Guitar Method, a project which has taken years of research and consideration- and it is now almost complete, a fact that Mr. Pozzi expresses with sincere enthusiasm.
AS a teacher, Carlos not only gets you excited about the music, but he also promotes the importance of "playing real music" early on in the student's career.- His method stresses an early intuitive understanding of the guitar as an instrument, proper posture when practicing and playing, & the basic finger positions which translate to "true musical notation" in later lessons.
He performs regularly here in Richmond at Museums, Galleries, Weddings, the Richmond Public Library, even under the Carrilon ( an amazing performance! ) And several times alongside his many students at the Governor's Mansion.
If you haven't heard him play, we might have a chance to give you a sample of his brilliance this Sunday -maybe, by then, Ill have some dates to give you when you can see Carlos Pozzi play live in person..."

[[We also played some music from Argentina, and Uruguay, but mainly focused on Classical Guitar performances by Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, Sharon Isben, John Williams, and Carlos Montoya.]]

heres the link to listen to the show!: podcast link


At 10:13 PM, Blogger MrHaymon said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long. I personally had the pleasure of learning under Mr. Carlos Pozzi back in my days at Richmond Community High School. He Truly is as genius as you say. He makes you enjoy the guitar as more than just an instrument, he made look at it as a musical friend aiding me in my day. If anyone ever has the ability, no, the HONOR of becoming a pupil or even a friend, be sure to listen to everything he says, English, Spanish, or what i like to call "Pozzi", before you can even try to understand you already know. Ya Tu Sabe! His method is so user-friendly, it allows you to master so many complex transitions and fall into perfect technique. Next thing you know you are playing not only the songs he helped you master, but you will be so immensely intrigued, that you will begin to compose. With Pozzi, your mental hunger will never go unfed. He is a man of Mastery, and Poise, he allows his fingers and guitar poetically penetrate your soul. With Pozzi you will gain power, wisdom, and friendship, what more could you possibly wish for in a Teacher.

Robin J. Haymon
"Mr. Haymon"

At 12:10 PM, Blogger DJ Carlito said...

Thanks so much for your comment Robin, i will tell Mr Pozzi hello for you. It seems that he's been having some health trouble lately.. I saw him last week and I will pass your regards to him when I visit later this week.

take care,



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