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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Heavy Metal in Malaysia

Malaysian Heavy Metal records (classic malaysian metal-Kuala Lumpur,1990)
since the 90's, metal in Malaysia, and the rest of the world, has progressed much further than the relatively innocent glam metal ive posted here- transitioning into the darker, more menacing territory.

From one paper i recently read online (which turned out to be a japanese tabloid), authorities in Malaysia suspected "black metal" fans of practicing satanic rituals and "painting their faces like KISS." They also suspect that the "ring leader" of these "cults" is a foreigner-- could it be Gene Simmons?? Back in 2001, these Malaysian metal heads were rounded up, strip searched, questioned, and subsequently dosed with drugs (to help them study better), and forced to attend religious services. Now, from at least one source, the paranoid government crackdown is happening AGAIN!! in Kuala Lumpur!! (I HAVE REMOVED THE LINK TO Mainichi- a Japanese tabloid which wrote on October 5, 2005 that this Malaysian Heavy Metal "cult" was having a "revival" Why?? because the site isnt working for me and it causes problems with my browser when i navigate there.. now, my question is, simply-> WHY ARE THEY WRITING ABOUT THIS AGAIN?? Is Heavy metal STILL a threat in Malaysia? I'll keep you posted )

However, for background on this recent alleged satanic revival read more here: Malaysian Authorities Ban Heavy Metal link
"Herbal cure for Malaysian metal fans"
"Dissonant Voices" link


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