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Thursday, February 23, 2006

This WEEK on "If Music Could Talk"-- Dean McNew and Country Gold-- World music from home! USA - (click picture for better detail)

Special guest (Last Sunday) on "If music Could Talk" (wrir 97.3 FM), Bob Campbell (aka Dean McNew), will be playing rare live recordings (1976!) of his band- Dean McNew and Country Gold-- Live at the Silver Saddle in Des Moines, Iowa.. Heard for the first time on the air- ANYWHERE since the date they were recorded on a second hand reel to reel. In my opinion, this band sounds like what the Grateful Dead based their "American Beauty" era recordings on - country music with lots of soul and a little Rock n Roll. They were a hit not only among young couples who wanted to dance but also truck drivers for miles around who would pack the house every night at Silver Saddle just to hear Dean and the boys play. Once Bob gets the Cd's released (a process im gladly helping with), ALL of the proceeds will go to fight Breast Cancer and provide free mamograms to poor people who cant afford the tests-- Breast Cancer claimed the life of his dear Aunt, Malinda Lou Campbell. And right now, nothing means more to Bob than to be able to dedicate these recordings to his Aunt & donate the proceeds to help fight Breast Cancer.
email Bob Campbell at to get on the mailing list for more info about his CDbenefit and release notification
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