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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This Week on "If Music Could Talk"- Spacetoaster Productions Showcase (nbo75/zucotic, Edinburgh Scotland)

Check out the newest releases from Spacetoaster Productions (and some classics too)- Spacetoaster is a label run by the talented mad genius Zucotic/nbo75 based in Edinburgh, Scotland. (click image for info on this Sunday's set)
Also featured this week--One of many artists i've been introduced through Zucotic-- former boxer, and nassty futuristic microbial hip hop artist, E.coli and also a track with one of E's collaborative crews- Filthography. Some tracks off his new album will be produced by NBO75. Big Up Indie Radio & Independent Artists
Plus a cool track by Jahcoozi described by one source as an "'anglo-srilankan-israeli-westgerman' avantglitchpop trio" Their Album is called "Pure Breed Mongrel" check the glitchy bumpy track "Taptenwechsel" on this cool compilation. Jahcoozi recently brought London 'grime* artists Kano and D Double E to Germany for an awesome show and also collaborations (link).

And I just found out about K-Liber a rap group from the Netherlands w members from Curacao.. They rhyme in Dutch, 'Papiamento', the language of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, and an occasional song in English or Spanish. (info from this article)
G-lobal hip hop movin' in all directions.. y' all
...and this If Music Could Talk show will too.


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