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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Percussion - talk and performance at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

"The sounds of drums bring ancient pictures to life. Join percussionists Yousif Sheronick and Layne Redmond for a visual survey of ancient Egyptian percussion drawn from temple walls, reliefs, tomb paintings, and sculptures. After the talk, Sheronick and Redmond will recreate a percussion ensemble, as pictured on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs"

With percussionists Yousif Sheronick and Layne Redmond


Next Thursday at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - 6:30pm on 2/23/2012

tickets available ($10 and $5 for VMFA members)

Here's a clip i transferred from 16mm (from an NBC segment on Egypt from 1977) of some Egyptian Bellydancers - featuring some really nice percussion in the background...


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