Friday, May 14, 2010

Malaysian and Singapore Pop Yeh Yeh Research project featured in JUNK Magazine


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Benign said...

hye there bro.. my name is Hafeez and im from Malaysia and currently residing in Kuala Lumpur..

Stumbled with your project and i am wishing you the best of luck and i hope you will be able to document this wonderful music called pop yeah yeah..

Im sorry for commenting here instead. i wanted to post my comment on your kickstart site but it requires me to sign up to post a comment.. haha

What ever it is, i admire and salute you for wanting to do this.

Basically you can try and get some support from the Malaysian government and I am very sure that they would love to lend you a hand.

Although i have to be honest that Pop is not really my genre and being an 80s child doesnt really help either (glam rock and all). haha but i am always fascinated with some of the music released by the Malaysian bands back in the 60s-70s. The Strollers for example, left me wondering, was this really a Malaysian band.. haha

having said that, I give you full support bro...