Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bollywood Night - Dec 19th!!!

Start the holiday season off right!!

Bollywood Night!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carl---
LOve that Bollywood poster for Dec 19! Santa has taken on a whole new persona, I see. Will be sending folks your way for that one.
A fan of yours in Forest Hill.

DJ Carlito said...

Hey thanks!! thats nice of you! im glad to know i have some fans in Forest Hill! ; )
glad tidings to you this holiday season,
~ C

Andy Young* said...

Hi DJ,
Thanks for connecting my blog to yours. Appreciate it. Didn't even know. I have done likewise.

Will definitely visit it more often and will try as much to continue with my blog. Thanks for the encouragement.


Andy Young* said...

Also wanted to ask you if you are familiar with movies like "Aurat" and "Mother India" and the songs in these movies?

What is the title of the song that starts with (spelling inaccurate):
"Dee lee may chu par kay..."

Grateful if you could provide me information as I wish to post these experiences because I used to watch some Hindustani movies in the 60s.

DJ Carlito said...

Hi Andy,
actually I havent seen those two films -- I know that Mother India stars the legendary Nargis though... its one of her best performances according to many...

Now Im going to get both of them and watch them...

As for the song, Im not sure of that either.. let me ask a friend of mine who might know..

And thanks for returning the favor on the link

I will check your blogs more often from now on!! I really like the Singapore blog and the Chinese Cinema blog..

all the best to you,