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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If Music Could Talk - Podcast - june 7, 2009

Last Sunday's show featured Special Guest Dj - Semih - a fellow music lover, film connoisseur, deep thinker, and world traveller who has lived in Richmond for several years now.

I met Semih at the local film rental place, and he always had the coolest music playing when I walked into the store - the type of music that compels someone like me to ask "what is this we're listening to? and where on Earth did you get it?"
Besides knowing a lot about Turkish psych musicians like Mogollar, Baris Manco, etc - he also hipped me to some great electronic artists like Four Tet and Gotan Project, as well as newer Turkish artists like Baba Zula and Ceza.

He'll be going back to Turkey for a little while, and will also be traveling to various other destinations.. so this show is the last chance we'll have to enjoy his selections for an indefinite period of time, unless he sends us some tunes from his travels abroad.. which he hopefully will.

thanks for sharing the music Semih! I hope you'll return with more great stories from your journeys around the world.



At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Metin Solmaz said...


Me and my friend Fikret Bekler are really grateful.

Many thanks to you and Semih for this lovely show.

Metin Solmaz


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