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Sunday, September 10, 2006

If Music Could Talk- Sunday Sept 10 2006

- during this show you'll hear a mini Bhangra set, and then lots of Jamaican Reggae from legendary studios like Studio One, Channel One, Joe Gibbs, Black Ark, Rockers, and Treasure Island/Treasure Isle (Duke Reid)
You'll also hear a brief segment of clips I recorded the day of Sept 11 2001 from a handheld recorder. I was working in Manhattan on that day, and this cassette is so powerful that I cant really stand to listen to too much of it-- but since the 5th anniversary was on Monday, I thought it might be appropriate to share a clip of this audio collage which was made by recording street noises as i evacuated Manhattan with the rest of the people of the city, switching over to the radio every once in a while - this tape is so full of emotion and memories that it is difficult to listen to but provides some sort of audio catharsis as well. Its hard to belive it was 5 years ago- seems like only yesterday. I am going to archive the complete cassette tape at some point-- but maybe not for another 5 years.


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