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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Burning Spear, April 12 2006

I went up to Charlottesville last night to hear the legendary Burning Spear perform with his band at a place called Starr Hill-- the 1.5hr moonlight drive up there was irie...and whoa.. this was an incredible show. to start the night off, i got to meet him cus i notice he's standing right next to me in the crowd! yeah, i know, crazy. i couldnt say anything but "Yo".. shook his hand and he smiles this big smile and laughs. And when he performed, he did all the classics, and some really amazing new stuff too! (opened with WALK from his new album OUR MUSIC- VIDEO HERE) The guy running the soundboard totally had the vocal effects and dub techniques down.. but Burning Spear didnt need any help, his vocals are still smooth, soulful, and beautiful. amazing. A small club , and he sounded like he was singing from a mountain top. I feel truly blessed to have seen this show. Good Vibes.


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