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Monday, October 01, 2012


Well, it's October, so get ready for BOLLOWEEN!!!

This month, like previous years,  I'm hosting a HINDI HALLOWEEN DANCE PARTY called...... BOLLOWEEN NIGHT which takes place on Friday Oct. 12, 2012 at Cous Cous - 900 W Franklin Street in Richmond VA, USA.

I'd also like to share an amazing series of blog posts from the blog Full2Faltu which contains everything you ever wanted to know about all the classic  Hindi Horror films and Thriller movies    Each blog entry (1-5 focus on Hindi films 6&7 are non Hindi) contains plot summaries of the greatest (aka worst) Hindi Horror films of all time... enjoy!!

And if you're really feeling inspired.. get yourself a copy of this awesome compilation that came out last year on Finders Keepers records called "Bollywood Blood Bath"

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"Non Stop K Pop" dance party - THIS FRIDAY in Richmond, VA

FRIDAY OCT 5 at Balliceaux in Richmond VA. NON STOP K POP on FACEBOOK

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