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Monday, March 08, 2010

If Music Could Talk - February 28, March 7, 2010 - Pashto pop, Balkan folk pop (Chalga), Korean club hits, and new Bollywood tracks


"International" pop music can be ok (if not awesome, at least interesting), and it can be really bad... this past Sunday on "If Music Could Talk" - we dabbled in "pop" music from several parts of the world.. specifically: Pashto (Afghani/Pakistani) pop, Balkan folk pop (Chalga), Korean club hits, and a few new Bollywood tracks..
as a disclaimer, some of this music is *really* awful.. and it should serve as proof that pop music is often pretty horrible no matter where it comes from... (not just in America as one might assume, although i believe we are the most prolific bad music makers)
then on the other hand, some of these songs are pretty damn good... but i'll let you be the judge. If Music Could Talk - March 7 , 2010
ps: check the setlist for video links - they're awfully good!


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