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Monday, January 04, 2010

Podcast Link- Jan 3, 2010 - If Music Could Talk

im feeling pretty good about 2010 so far... after a week or so of not posting anything here, im glad to be back in blog mode....

last week's show was almost entirely Bhangra and Bollywood music, so if you like that sort of thing, theres lots of it here.. Ive just got so much new stuff to play that i wanted to stretch out a little and check out some of these new Bhangra and Bollywood tracks that I'll hopefully be playing this coming weekend at Bollywood night.... these are some of the ones that stood out on first listen.. i'll definitely be playing more rockin Bhangra tracks on IMCT in weeks to come

the previous week's show wasnt up to my standards so i decided not to post it.. sorry, it's a brand new year so im trying to take it to a new level y'all

heres the Jan 3 2010 show

PODCAST LINK - If Music Could Talk

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