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Monday, August 17, 2009

Shahrukh Khan gets detained at NY airport

this weekend SRK flew into New York to promote his new film, and take part in various Indian Independence Day celebrations...

apparently, they must have singled him out for his Muslim name.. they held him for questioning, searched his bags, wouldnt let him use his cell phone.. among several other "internationals" being held that day in security , one Pakistani individual even said something like "he's Shahrukh Khan!! I can vouch for him!" - the authorities (idiots!!!) wouldnt budge until the Indian Consulate finally intervened...

while some sources claimed "he's angry.. outraged!!".. another source (IBNlive) quoted him in a surprisingly down to earth and humble manner, dignantly downplaying the debacle :

When later asked during an interview whether he was angry, Khan responded that, "I did feel bad for a lot of people in that room, I know because I had an escort and someone would recognise me, I will get out. Others may face more trouble [...] I have extra security because of my name. I can handle this but when you have someone as respectable as an ex-president getting frisked, I am nobody" (in reference to the frisking of President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam earlier in the summer). Khan later stated that, "I think it is a procedure that needs to be followed. But it is an unfortunate procedure." When asked if he would demand an apology, Khan replied that he would not.

It just so happens, that Sharukh Khan, SRK, is also working on a new film dealing with this very issue. ( Its such a coincidence, that if somehow this whole thing is just a publicity stunt.. well that would be just wrong.)

"My Name Is Khan"

additional info on wikipedia

oh, here's a silly little video by a US based artist named FLASH called "Shahrukh Khan"

is it just my imagination or are they feeding him Nachos and Lays to make a play on the Hindi word for "dance" Nachle? (3:03)


At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Neha Jain said...

shahrukh khan detained and released, he is a superstar so made to front page of news paper thats it.

why is the govt making big issue about ??????????
why this was not done while our for,er president shri abdul kalam was frisked

is shahrukh more imp for govt as he is freind of congress 1st family??????

At 8:24 PM, Blogger DJ Carl Hamm said...

Hi Neha, you have a good point.. i think it's front page news because he's a movie star... but you're right - bias and unfair profiling by security is wrong no matter if it's a president or a regular person.... this is a serious issue and more awareness needs to be raised. one good thing is that this type of high profile incident opens up the debate for everyone (not just movie stars). The paranoia and islamophobia in america has reached an unacceptable level and it needs to stop. thanks for your comment!


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