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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Album by Columbian folkloric singer Martina Camargo

I first heard Afro-Columbian Tambora singer Martina Camargo on the song Damaquiel by Hector Buitrago... she's absolutely amazing.. her voice is really beautiful, and she's carrying on a cultural legacy that is very important and very powerful.. I cant say I know enough about her to really say more.. but as I find out more I will share the details with you here. I have just been told by someone from the label, Chaco World Music, that she has a new album..

"new album "Canto, Palo y Cuero" is on sale !!! just look at itunes, and"

"The greatest afrocolombian voice in traditional roots music. A sensitive and fun album of Tambora music, a tradition played only by native drums and happy voices."

Im thrilled. And I recommend that you check her out. I will be playing some tunes from her new album on my radio show as soon as I get a chance. Theres probably a good chance that she'll perform here in the US in the future also, so if i hear anything, I'll post it here.

Here's a blog that has lots of good information about Martina Camargo, plus an interview.

here's a documentary that has just been posted on Youtube

gracias por el enlace Chaco!


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