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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If Music Could Talk - Nov 9, 2008 Podcast Link - Psychedelic music from Indonesia part 2!!! re-uploaded

featuring Indonesian hit singers (mostly the Divas.. but a few rockin daddys in there too) from the 60s and 70s like Elly Kasim, Ernie Djohan, Irni Yusnita, Lilis Surjani, Inneke Kusumawati, Emilia Contessa, Koes Bersaudara, and many others

PODCAST LINK-Psychedelic music from Indonesia - Part 2!!

please download this podcast and delete the previously uploaded one from yesterday!
I had to cut out a duplicate song (one that i actually played twice- d'oh!) I also subbed a short bonus track for your enjoyment, added a cut beginning of another, upgraded the sound quality on one song, and cut out the part where i mis-stated President Obama's birthplace...of course he was born in Hawaii, but lived in Jakarta, Indonesia in his early youth (after his parents separated, Barack's mother married a geologist named Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo, and moved with him to Indonesia, where Barack Obama was raised and went to school till age 10 or so) This music was almost certainly "happening" in Indonesia around that same time... (late 60s early 70s)

I've also got MOST of the song titles correct now.. whew.. ok, i admit, i downloaded several of these tracks.. MOST of them are from my personal collection (the actual records) ..some others are thanks to my "friends online".. For the most part, the complete radio show from last Sunday is here.. but basically, cleaned up.

anyway, .. enjoy!


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