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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bollywood Night featured in Richmond Magazine !!

The new issue of Richmond Magazine is out now -It's called "The GLOBAL issue" this month.. it's filled with some very engaging stories about refugees, immigration, and other modern international issues.. as well as reviews on local "international" restaurants, artists, writers, community leaders etc.. they also happened to write a short article about Bollywood Night - a dj event that I've been doing every month for about 8 months now (which has become a huge and unexpected success thanks to all the cool folks who show up to dance all night).

the bonus is...the author blogged part of the email I sent him- -I wanted to give him a little informal "Youtube" introduction to Bollywood films.. some of my favorites.. and he kindly posted the whole email on their blog..

check that out HERE

Oh, and it's official, Bollywood Night at Cous Cous is the second Saturday of every month-- starting in December.

Thanks to everyone at Richmond magazine for writing this little article-- Its really gratifying that this event has been so well recieved.


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