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Saturday, July 19, 2008

New iTunes podcast feed!

ok, so I owe you blog readers an explanation for all the re-posts of old shows there... I recently signed up for a Feedburner RSS feed and then linked the podcasts through iTunes.. Ive expanded my audience now hopefully! And I want people to hear the interview shows that took me so much time and effort to pull off... if you havent downloaded these yet, check them out!!!

welcome to all the new listeners.. stay tuned to this blog and for new shows every week (If Music Could Talk - 7-9pm EST Sundays on WRIR)

thanks to WRIR and for making these podcasts possible!

(these podcasts are not for profit... they only serve to promote musical and cultural diversity on an international level and to get the word out about good independent artists around the world... all files are 112kbps or less- for non commercial use only- please ask to re-broadcast on your local independent radio station!)

please leave comments if you like the music you hear!


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