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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gwangju Biennale in Korea.. definitely worth a trip!

Gwangju Biennale was Asia's first artistic bienalle.....

wikipedia entry here

there's a DJ named Jin Lee aka DJ GAZAEBAL who'll be performing there this year during the "installation" called SPRING -- "Beginning this August artists in Spring will assemble in Gwangju for a month of continuous interaction and production with local participants, building the models and displays, that will culminate in an eight hour procession through the streets of the city around the Former Provincial Office (the starting point of the Gwangju May 1980 protests). The procession will begin during the day and end at night with a fiery conflagration to signal the end of the event. The procession will be accompanied by music by and filmed by Caecilia Tripp. Both the real time film and the music score will be edited and remixed, and will be the sole reminder of the procession and only element presented in one of the exhibition spaces." (source)

also, check out this artist's show-- Els Opsomer

there will also be a portion of the Biennale focused on carnival in Trinidad and Tobago-- including an in depth history of the origins of T&T's carnival.. they're flying in dancers and pan players for a re-creation of T&T carnival. Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is a yearly reminder of a people's uprising, from slavery and oppression, for freedom and cultural independence.. This fits in with the theme of "uprising" that is at the foundation of the Gwangju Biennale. According to an introductory page of the website, Gwangju is "widely acknowledged as the spiritual center of the struggle for participatory democracy in South Korea" --- see also here

7th Gwangju Biennale

Duration: September 5 - November 9, 2008
Opening: September 5, 2008

( I wish i was going to this... if only I had a friend with a private jet! )


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