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Friday, May 23, 2008

some awesome dance music from Madagasgar

on a more tropical vibe today, here are some really cool videos by the Malagasy singer Chila, sa voix es incroixable! im not sure what it is about these videos that i like most, the creativity of video producers on a budget, or the hypnotizing hyper-speed dance tempos.. and the dancers who somehow manage to keep up!

by the way, Chila is just one star among many many other very talented singers from Madagasgar-- she's incredibly popular (in France as well) but she's not the only one who's makin hits.. i just thought i'd post a few in a row by her here since i've just realized how cool she is.

Chila : Walli Wallah

Chila- Zanaka Rafoza

Chila- Vaiavy Chila


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