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Thursday, May 29, 2008

the freakin' holy grail of hip hop

check this blog post -- Memory Man's House of Tapes

All the way LIVE recordings from the early days of hip hop... featuring incredibly creative mc/crew/dj battles... late 70s--->mid 80s.
personally, this is possibly the coolest thing Ive ever found on the internet..
listening to one of these cassettes.. the old school hip hop nostalgia will overpower you.. esp if you lived through this era ..

big thanks, and a hi5 to U-Tern for the funky old school hip hop cassette rips -the paintjobs on the tapes are nice too -- if only modern hip hop could do a u-ey, this is the real ish- alas, things move forward, not backwards ( or is time circular? like lp wax? )

(above, footage from a cool breakdance documentary "All City" by Henry Chalfant -- part 2 features Vernon Birch's classic cut "Get Up" )


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