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Monday, April 07, 2008

Kehna Hai from Padosan, & the Top 25 All time "MUST SEE" Bollywood Movies

I just heard a very beautiful song, Kehna Hai, sung by Kishore Kumar, and written by R.D. Burman, which is originally from the 1968 Hindi dramatic comedy - Padosan
I looked the film up on youtube... here's the clip from the film where this song is sung-- the scene reminds me of something.. Cyrano de Bergerac maybe .. i dunno

oh, and dont miss Rajesh Koppikar whistling Kehna Hai...

ALSO, Padosan was included in INDIA TIMES' TOP 25 MUST SEE Bollywood Films LIST (I would have ranked them differently, I fully agree with most of these.. just in terms of order.. and the ones i havent seen, well... now I must!)


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