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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

new Flickr photo posts-- New York pictures from 1999-2002

I didnt get into digital photography until 2003--- call me a late bloomer, but thats the way it happened. However, i was always a shutterbug, and used a film camera throughout the 4-5yrs of my residence in Brooklyn NY (from 1999-2003). I was looking through some old pictures last night and chose some of my favorite shots to begin with...they're from several live shows i went to in NYC (baaba maal, amina, perry farrell---I put them up on Flickr with a little help from my scanner...there are many more to come-- i have to get a pro account apparently)
something about these old "film" cameras really has a unique character that digital doesnt have... i'm not sure if it's similar to the difference between an LP and a CD but theres something about these old photos that I like... maybe grainy organic photo-anomolies make things more interesting sometimes?

here's the beginning of my retrospective film scans from NY 1999-2002 slideshow on flickr--->link


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