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Friday, November 03, 2006

25th Anniversary * * Festival of India * *

Last weekend was the 25th Anniversary of the Festival of India in Richmond VA. I was barely able to go, given a hectic schedule at WRIR and also, a full time job.. but the hour i spent there reminded me why it's one of my favorite events in Richmond. I have always loved how this Festival combines great food & live music, and brings such a wonderful energizing breath of LIFE to downtown Richmond. Held in one of the largest most cavernous rooms of that behemoth building on Broad Street known as the Richmond Convention Center, it's definitely a euphoric sensory overload. Every year that I've been lucky enough to attend this event, even from when I was young, my love for Indian film, music, and food has grown, and I always have the same reaction.. more PLEASE! Ive always departed, eager to continue to learn about Indian music and culture... Luckily, I have always brought home a few classics from early Bollywood. And at some point, i definitely started buying more Indian groceries from some of these stores, and regularly seeking out restaurants that are represented at the Festival of India. This annual celebration of Indian culture is an open invitation to the Richmond community to experience and appreciate everything that's beautiful about India. With so many inspiring cultural events in Richmond lately, I feel truly Thankful this month.


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