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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat - 2 Podcasts for ya

Dj Carlito subbing for Sean Kennedy's "Songs from the Big Hair " (80's show)

and this past Sunday's "If Music Could Talk"

Friday, October 27, 2006

80's set Subbing for the show "Songs from the BIG HAIR" tomorrow

doin an 80's show tomorrow everybody! yes, its very cool to dig obscure and forgotten gems from the 80's - check the retro set on WRIR tomorrow as I fill in for Sean Kennedy on Songs from the Big Hair 3-5pm EST this Saturday on WRIR

Monday, October 23, 2006

If Music Could Talk- Diwali

If music could talk - special show for Diwali

the Hindi phrase which i probably mis-pronounced last night im pretty sure was "Divali Ki Bahut Bahut Shubkaamnayein" my friend Prasad told me over the phone to say this on the air to everyone (basically means "A very very happy holiday to you this Diwali"), and, being a spur of the moment thing, i think i pronounced it pretty much WRONG! lol --however i looked it up later and i think the above is possibly the correct phoenetic spelling...:P

Podcast Link

setlist will be posted soon! (I have most of it typed up already)

WRIR show description link

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

If Music Could Talk- Last week's show

Last week's show podcast
thanks for listening and thanks again to everyone who supported WRIR during our 2006 Fall fundraiser!

note: during this program i mis-stated that Diwali was last weekend.. it's actually this weekend on Oct 21st. I thought this because I Dj'd a party last week that was an early celebration of this important Indian holy day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bad Brains Re-united... yes it happened last week

here's a glimpse of that miracle

dude.. more clips of the 06 shows on youtube check it out.. esp the clip with HR in the helmet.. out there!
and this

Friday, October 13, 2006

If Music Could Talk- Fall Fundraiser Podcast



thank you for the music

Monday, October 09, 2006

OMFUG Dont miss the Bad Brains!!!

Venue: CBGB's, 315 Bowery, LES, NY.

Oct. 9: HR & original Bad Brains,
Avail, McRad & Dub Trio

Oct. 10: HR & original Bad Brains,
Bouncing Soul & The Mob

Oct. 11: HR & original Bad Brains,
Underdog & Stimulators

Pure organized chaos Global Rock "REVOLUTION" style...
Reggae @ the core too!! http://

ONE SELF on TOUR!!!! check em out

pictures of Yarah Bravo's special solo set in DC - and yes, Blurum13 is scheduled for the future shows in NC on the 9th..... TOUR DATES HERE Blurum13 was attending a friend's wedding that night, but Yarah and Vadim rocked the house... it was like One self minus a third but still complete with unified vibes...
check out their new EP!!!!! Organically Grown! so far it's only available by download--- (i was lucky to get it on wax at the show) it's bumpin..

Fahari Sound- Reggae Saturdays at Mingles

Saturday, October 07, 2006

WRIR Needs your HELP!! (we are a non-profit!)

Please donate to WRIR during our FALL Fundraiser and become a MEMBER of WRIR. We're giving away cool stuff like WRIR T-Shirts, CDs and priceless INDEPENDENT RADIO!! It's RADIO for the rest of US. We're broadcasting QUALITY independent music and talk programs to the Richmond Community and streaming to listeners all over the world !!
The BEST PART is- WE're NON-PROFIT, and NON-Commercial!!
which means: you dont get brainwashing every 3 seconds, you DO get DIVERSITY of Culture and Opinion!! musically, intellectually, positiv-ely.. : ) SUPPORT WRIR and SUPPORT FREEDOM!



the radio4all site is very often being pushed to the limit in terms of bandwidth/users... so please be patient or try back later if it's not streaming sm-oov-ly or downloading fast enough. Enjoy the Intercontinetal Vibes (which i mis-spelled on the flyer- d'oh!) THANKS to Everyone who showed up last Thursday at CAFE G for PANGAEA LOUNGE!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pangaea Lounge - This Thursday!!! (OCT 5th!)

National Folk Festival - OCT 13--15th!!!! Richmond VA!


Lots of incredible artists from ALL OVER THE WORLD at this Festival!! Dont miss it!

One Self playing WASHINGTON DC this SATURDAY!!!

check here for info and links or go here to get info about the venue. .

Monday, October 02, 2006

Last Night on "If Music Could Talk"


I played various songs and artists for the first hour and then, a special hour set of the GRATEFUL DEAD.. A band that bridged many cultural gaps and opened their fans up to more international sounds and artists (ex: Hamza El Din, Babatunde Olatunji ..esp via Mickey Hart and his love of percussion from all over the world.)
The Grateful Dead!
This show featured an excerpt from a live performance (10/22/78) with the late Hamza El Din- legendary Egyptian Oud player and singer.

click here for setlist

 photo DEVI_SARASVATI_by_VISHNU108.gif