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Monday, August 07, 2006

Lebanese parade down Broad Street this evening

on my way into WRIR this evening, saw a whole parade of cars, trucks, limousines and Stretch HUM V's.. all waving a RED GREEN AND WHITE flag with some type of tree in the center and honking... ((followed by some crazy white guy with a cigarrette pack in his sleeve and a sunburn who ran after them yelling crazy nonsense...)) a guy in a white tuxedo on the roof of the limo yelled "yeah man! god bless america! " then i saw the next few cars with women wearing Hijab driving and honking their horns, and all the cars had these red green and white flags... was this a Lebanese wedding parade? a surprise show of Lebanese pride? a show of outrage?
either way, i wish i had my camera...

( this may have actually been an Iraqi or Kuwaiti flag, they're pretty similar color schemes...)


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