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Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Dog

last night's "If Music Could Talk" (Podcast Link) was a two hour flashback to the 1960's Chinese go go craze (also known as: hala hala, "off beat cha cha") 2 hours of Non Stop Dancing Hits! then, some Chinese disco, and at the end, a more modern (90's) new wave song by Faye Wong (Wang Fei) full setlist here (sorry for missing titles - i cant read any chinese languages.. yet!)

below- Faye Wong as a robot stewardess on a train into the future in Wong Kar Wei's movie "2046" (awesome movie!)

Friday, January 27, 2006

bollywood posters

since i've been playing and listening to alot of Bollywood music lately , ive been browsing through this site for some images of the films the music was written for *click under "Pop Art" (this site is amazing... an ice cream shop in Islamabad that does film reviews online, and also sells prints of hundreds of vintage bollywood posters)

Khmer/Cambodian ROCKS!!!

I got a package of cds in the mail today from Khmer Rocks FYI -- they ROCK! the albums section has cds that cost an affordable $5 or less and they're the most groovy cds ive listened to in a long time - liquid melodies, bumpin rhythms, instrumentation that floats through misty landscapes, dreamy romantic moods, & earth shakin grooves- you cant mess with this music.. beautiful beyond description

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If Music Could Talk - Jan 22 2006

here's last Sunday's Show *~*~*~*~*~*

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Black Metal culture has been declared as a deviation from Islamic teachings..."

"...and those found "practising it" could be penalised under syariah law " (see link from Malaysian newspaper, The Star)

(the picture below is JITU, an early 90's Malaysian "hair" "thrash" "power ballad" metal band- these earlier bands (pre- "black metal") were also widely banned/or censored by local radio stations in the 90's when bands began to get "heavy" in Malaysia )

Apparently, at an "official" meeting, the meaning of "Black" Metal was discussed (?) the resulting decision will make it illegal to participate in "Black Metal culture"
*thanks to Tiara for the links and update!! Check CIJ homepage for other opinions (some in Malay) about the whole Black Metal uproar.

additional note: i have not previously made any personal "judgements" on the situation here, since the Malaysian government has done that already... I am just pointing out what is happening, and what has happened... everything I have written in this blog is second hand and not my own opinion. One reader, Syaza, commented to me via email- (read on boingboing) I wasnt there so I shouldn't judge. But the Malaysian government officials and police are the ones making the broad assumptions and judgements here! They're angry because they see "heavy metal" as a threat to traditional values. But the Malaysian metal fans/youth are equally angry because they are getting hassled for showing up at a heavy metal concert and wearing black T shirts, and accused of such wild far fetched things as drinking blood and peeing on the Koran - which might have happened maybe ONCE.(previous post) Heavy metal music is being cast as the culprit here-- one stupid person decided to pee on a holy book, which is then used to condemn a music scene that expresses the frustrations of the youth through music! not urine! ) This is no different than the witch trials that were taking place here in the US in the 1980s over "satanism" in heavy metal.

Monday, January 23, 2006

January's Pangaea Lounge

January's Pangaea Lounge podcast

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

see this play (January 12-22, 8 p.m)

saw a great performance last Sunday at the Firehouse Theatre of "Defining Moments-An Exploration of Birth through the Arts" -produced by the Birth Arts Council. "BIRTH" is full of emotion, humor, beauty and courage - and makes a daring attempt to bring together the diverse perspectives that surround "birth" in all its meanings. this is the second week of a two week run at the Firehouse Theatre (a non profit theatre right next to WRIR.) call the Firehouse Theatre for ticket info (see link)

Horace Andy - Rise up - new album by legendary vocalist

House of Lukaya

my friend Lucretia, who just moved back to Richmond from Brooklyn, has a new website: House of Lukaya She makes beautiful hats, bags, quilts, tshirts, sculptures, bath and body products, and is also open to your ideas for artistic collaboration.. check out her website!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Last Night's Show

during the second hour I played songs in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

I also played three songs/poems from Amina and Amiri Baraka's "Shani Project" CD which was made in honor of their daughter Shani who was tragically murdered in 2003. The CD is available for purchase here.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pangaea Lounge- this thursday night! 1/12/06

join up with all of your friends at the coolest spot on the map - the Pangaea Lounge - this thursday night! 1/12/06 see flyer for details

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last Week's Show NBO 75 mix (part 2) and dj Carlito's Cruisin' mix

last week's show- podcast link : NBO 75's second set on If Music Could Talk (see previous post for details on this artist/producer/genius from Edinburgh Scotland) and parts 3 and 4- Dj Carlito's cruisin' mix.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mix part 2 - NBO 75 / Zucotic on If Music Could Talk -this Sunday

Tonight, Zucotic (formerly known as NBO 75) makes a virtual appearance all the way from Edinburgh Scotland. This is the second mix by NBO75 that i've aired on my show (met Zucotic when i lived in Edinburgh in 2002, he gave me some incredible cds from his label Spacetoaster (PVC, Idiot Savants, etc) we kept the link since then, and as pre-destined, im now sharing his creative work with listeners here - check out this mix! Pure genius y'all. Big respect to NBO75/Spacetoaster productions)

expect some seriously bangin, tweaked out electro beats - a set more diverse than anything ive heard in my life-- (setlist goes from 50 cent to Marilyn Manson in one 40 minute span! wear your seatbelt!)

IF MUSIC COULD TALK - Every Sunday 7-9PM EST 97.3 WRIR LPFM (listen online)

Friday, January 06, 2006

(photo: park ave and 28th i used to work around the corner from here)

I'll be djing with Dj Leo this evening at the Curated Culture Open House, this Friday - Jan. 6, 2006, between 5 - 8 PM, at 23 West Broad St. Richmond, VA

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year! Last Sunday's Show Podcast link

Here it IS!! (Podcast jan 2 2006)

Last night's show was a mixed set of songs from all over the world... but I featured a super funky 25 minute Bollywood disco mini-set during the second hour.... (part 3) please note: Since my computer is on vacation, new show archives may be delayed in the future - Pangaea Lounge sets at Cafe Gutenberg wont be posted at all (until further notice) so come hear it for yourself in the present! Happy New Year!

next week on If Music Could Talk-- NBO75 (Edinburgh Scotland) mix part 2

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another Malaysian Metal uproar- arrests, searches, at a New Years punk/metal concert in Malaysia

My sister Xeni sent me this info from a BoingBoing reader, Tiara, who had seen my first post last October on this subject. (Thanks for the update Tiara!)

New Years Eve 2006 -hundreds of Malaysian youths detained over alleged "black metal" concert.. accusations of Satanism and indecent behavior... link

Tiara writes : "The detainees were made to do drug tests and be interviewed by the media, which painted them as hooligans worshipping Satan (they even claimed that the concert was a replacement for a sex party in Langkawi). Among their claims of Satanism included black t-shirts, fanzines with "elements of violence, pornography, Judaism (?), curse words like 'fuck'", and men and women mingling together in a place that served alcohol."

Here's the account as told by Malscene (malaysian underground scene)

here are some pictures from a concert last month at the same venue where this crackdown occured... (copyright 19:MeiDesign)

here's my previous post on this subject from October

 photo DEVI_SARASVATI_by_VISHNU108.gif