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Thursday, February 17, 2005

YO!!! This is my crew of good friends whom ive known for so long! whoohaa!!! soul brothas
growin up together asking whats it all about!!??? thunderstorms and fires on the way to da beach in florida at sam's sisters wedding (1997), playing guitars and drums in the basement on forest hill, cooking food, playing cards, kickin some soccer on the north side, freestylin like babies man, reading lao tse on a rock by the river, and vibin beyond our preconceptions --
(L-R) Kevin, Sam, Dave, Carl
thanks for visiting last week! thanks for treating me to dinner at Vietnamese garden and The Nile (great Ethiopian food) thanks 4 so much inspiration over the years-
ohm ma ni pa di meh homm
"Got-to build our love...--on One Found-A-tion" - Bob Marley and Peter Tosh Posted by Hello


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