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Thursday, February 17, 2005

greetings everybody!

im changing some things here and there so thnks 4 yr patience *. the [tag-box] thing wasnt working so well lately [made the page load real slow and suspicious like ~:(-oK
and i need to figure out a better way to write one into da skrip--at least so that it isnt ALL up TOP and taking up so much space - I think of this webpage thing as having alot to do with personal aesthetics ya know? i also like simplicity-( i do miss the immediacy of being able to check it, connect, conversate--like, hmm did anyone write anything clever lately? but anyway, while i ponder this... if you "view my profile" my "tag/comment ADDRESS" is there!! -
you can write to me in the meantyme y'all
- : ) Well, enjoy the pictures and rants, and thanks for checkin it all out!
dj carlito ~*~ Carl


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