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Sunday, February 27, 2005

drum jam at cafe gutenberg. Ram Bhagat, and other great percussionists, including Kevin Davis of Ban Caribe, Justin and Gabo from Bio Ritmo, and other extraordinary guest drummers, everyone had part of this jam jamming and it was really good to be there... - i'll be playing excerpts from this performance on my show this week, along with an inteview with Ram Bhagat.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

early "afro beat" ~ funky music from angola- sung in portugese - duo ouro negro Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

les disques classiques de la bibliotheque Posted by Hello

library records are fun Posted by Hello

another classic library record Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

the "international food market" building accross the street from mcdonalds  Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 17, 2005

the top half of that library record pic from last week- sorry, had to scan in two parts-Lps are 14.5" tall and my scanner only goes to 11 Posted by Hello

YO!!! This is my crew of good friends whom ive known for so long! whoohaa!!! soul brothas
growin up together asking whats it all about!!??? thunderstorms and fires on the way to da beach in florida at sam's sisters wedding (1997), playing guitars and drums in the basement on forest hill, cooking food, playing cards, kickin some soccer on the north side, freestylin like babies man, reading lao tse on a rock by the river, and vibin beyond our preconceptions --
(L-R) Kevin, Sam, Dave, Carl
thanks for visiting last week! thanks for treating me to dinner at Vietnamese garden and The Nile (great Ethiopian food) thanks 4 so much inspiration over the years-
ohm ma ni pa di meh homm
"Got-to build our love...--on One Found-A-tion" - Bob Marley and Peter Tosh Posted by Hello

city bus on broad street-- wheeee! photography!!!  Posted by Hello

greetings everybody!

im changing some things here and there so thnks 4 yr patience *. the [tag-box] thing wasnt working so well lately [made the page load real slow and suspicious like ~:(-oK
and i need to figure out a better way to write one into da skrip--at least so that it isnt ALL up TOP and taking up so much space - I think of this webpage thing as having alot to do with personal aesthetics ya know? i also like simplicity-( i do miss the immediacy of being able to check it, connect, conversate--like, hmm did anyone write anything clever lately? but anyway, while i ponder this... if you "view my profile" my "tag/comment ADDRESS" is there!! -
you can write to me in the meantyme y'all
- : ) Well, enjoy the pictures and rants, and thanks for checkin it all out!
dj carlito ~*~ Carl

Junainah's music is so groovy--slick surf guitars, keyboard vibes filled with sunshine , and "totally" janglin beats... I an diggin the classic 60's Singapore sound.. ~i was so lucky to find these 45s Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bizzarre Bazaar at Chop Suey last summer (MP3 post)

Here are some rough sounding mixes (including record skips, false starts, and unexpected rewinds) from the Bizarre market last summer at Chop Suey. Proceeds went to support WRIR's fundraising drive just before we got on the air Thanks to Tommy of Broadcastatic for saving this file for me and uploading it on his site--

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy (Lunar) New Year!! Year of the Rooster !

(~The Green Wooden Rooster, as some refer to it) (I found this one on ebay, nice! this one is actually more turquoise and sparkly than green, but theres some green in them feathers... )
the seller writes:
"This is an "Oaxacan" carved ROOSTER size: 13" length x 7" in heigth x 5.5" in width."
"it was created by the world famous artist Enrique Ramirez of Arrazola, a pueblo located in the Central Valley of Oaxaca; Mexico .."
i like it, especially with the blue and purple air jordans on.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

a really cool public library lp!! BAND FROM RICHMOND!!  Posted by Hello

public library lp #3 Posted by Hello

public library lp #2 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I gotta give props to DJ Effen ( for sending me a really cool mix to play on my show... "If MuSiC CouLD TaLk" THIS WEEK! Dj Effen resides in Singapore but from the sound of his CD, he's been to the distant reaches of the galaxy and back.. to bring us "Trippy, Melodic, Progressive" trance music
LISTEN to DJ EFFEN! This Sunday 7-9pm Eastern Time USA! or on 97.3 WRIR LPFM RICHMOND - Radio for the Rest of us!! Posted by Hello

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