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Friday, January 28, 2005

Cool! David Folmar the wise, subtle and ever humble master of Photoshop (and other visual sorcery,) created yet another timeless graphic depiction of where YOU SHOULD BE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT!!! thanks Dave!
This event is taking place every so often on Saturdays... check this space for updates

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

They featured me in the latest issue of "Style"
read this article that was niccce. (i didnt say that part about "poor and forgotten" though)
So much of the music on the radio is stale and boring! We can all connect with "the rest of" the world on WRIR .. Since Jan 1, 2005 we've been on the air... Finally, the clouds have parted .. oh thank heaven
WRIR- non commercial, non profit,
community based, r a d i o for the rest of us...
(97.3 wrir lpfm Richmond)

old postcard 3 -  Posted by Hello

old postcard 2 Posted by Hello

off beat cha cha a go go - malay or chinese early 60s dance music- check this 45 cover- groovy ! Posted by Hello

old postcard 1 Posted by Hello

article about me and WRIR in Style weekly, this week's issue!!

THE QUESTS- malaysian rock music from the surfin' 60's Posted by Hello

Senegalese master drummer- Doudou N'Diaye Rose saw him last winter here in Richmond at the Carpenter Center-- it was truly incredible...  Posted by Hello

a popular old mexican calendar page Posted by Hello

violetas de outono-brazilian garage pink floyd prog rock psych group from 70's-80s Posted by Hello

a bruce lee record Posted by Hello

reedy creek at it's crossing by the rr tracks Posted by Hello

ethiopian jazz Posted by Hello

a noteable african brothers lp Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

heres a cool 45" disc of malaysian pop music from the 60's -THE STYLERS!
among the 4 songs on this disc is a wicked cover of "Evil ways" by Carlos Santana. Posted by Hello

icicles in the alley- last winter Posted by Hello copyright carl hamm 2003

the birth of dancehall reggae- late 70's early 80's -U want a revolution? tired of listening to what they want you to hear? do it yourself y'all!
(wrir 97.3 did! -- with help from the richmond community!)

COME TO TROPICAL SOUL Sea and Soul Food Restaurant! Every Saturday! featuring AWESOME music (Andrew, Mike, and I, dj carlito) plus- 8mm, Super 8mm, and16mm film projections- to the beat of the dj- and all sorts of other visual stimulation, irie vibes, good people and AWESOME FOOD! !
SPECIAL THANKS TO DAVE FOLMAR FOR MAKING THIS AWESOME (uncommissioned) FLYER--contact me if you're interested in some VISUAL ART/PROMO Media from this mad genius! Posted by Hello

one badd-ass Afro-columbian compilation ! - i want a copy!
Vol 2. is also available -buy it at Descarga! - theyre the best!! and they're based in Brooklyn!;;19

African Brothers drama troupe

--> a Picture of the African Brothers "drama troupe"
from a M.I.A. website I wish it was still there... I keep checking... they've moved, havent gotten a new webhost since the old one wasnt working etc etc etc IT WAS THE BEST WEBSITE I HAD FOUND YET ABOUT Nana Ampadu I and the African Brothers Band (Ghanaian Highlife)
i wonder if this site has any insight on this drama troupe thing- whats it all about?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

dj carlito inna dancehall stylee. Posted by Hello
tough crowd-im an idealistic dj who's obsessed with music. I might be still learning how to read a crowd...( seems that one is expected to buy the GREATEST HITS compilations for gigs like wedding parties or 5 star hotel crowds - this a holiday party for the 5 star hotel i used to work for... also one of my first paid gigs.. a pretty tough crowd too.. so i guess i earned it, and learned some things too )

Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello

unloading the gear -altered photo contrast Posted by Hello

here's a few pics from Sunday's gig.. I'll post a synopsis of this event below-- but long story short-- it was CRAZY!!! Posted by Hello

Friday, January 07, 2005

downtown richmond, last summer Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

music is life life is music Posted by Hello

here's me during one of my early radio shows at WRIR 97.3 LPFM Richmond (
{djcarlito host of "If Music Could Talk" every Sunday from 7-9pm} Posted by Hello check this link for a description and some cool flyers from my first few online shows before we went on the air

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